The Shreveport Journalism Foundation, chartered in 1984 as a Louisiana nonprofit corporation and recognized by the IRS as a 501( c )3 tax-exempt organization in 1985, is dedicated to excellence in journalism education through scholarships and professional development. Through 2023, the Foundation has awarded 61 scholarships totaling $62,000 to students from 9 institutions.

The Kerry Garland Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of Shreveport Times print journalist and International Paper Company PR practitioner Kerry Garland, was first awarded in 1987.  A second scholarship was added in 1991 in memory of local radio, television and print journalist Orland Dodson.  Each scholarship began as $500 but, after two years, was increased to $1000.  Then, in 2021, it was increased again to $1500.

The Garland Scholarship is awarded annually to a college junior or senior majoring in journalism or public relations, while Dodson Scholarship annual recipients must be college juniors or seniors majoring in journalism. In lieu of either major being offered by a student’s college or university, a mass communications major will also qualify for either scholarship. However, mass comm majors wanting to pursue a career in public relations should apply for the Garland Scholarship.  Recipients of both scholarships must either have a permanent residence or attend school within a 100-mile radius of downtown Shreveport, LA.  Applicants may only apply for one scholarship or the other — NOT for both.