About Us

The mission of the Shreveport Journalism Foundation is to advance, promote, develop, and extend education and professional development opportunities in the fields of journalism, public relations and mass communications to college/university juniors and seniors majoring in those fields and those already practicing in them. 


The Shreveport Journalism Foundation, chartered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 1984, is dedicated to excellence in journalism through scholarships and professional development. The Foundation offers annual scholarships in memory of Kerry Garland (local journalist and public relations practitioner) and Orland Dodson (local radio, television and newspaper journalist) to college juniors and seniors majoring in journalism, public relations, or mass communications.

The Shreveport Journalism Foundation is trying to expand its reach and is focusing on recruitment of area college students and young professionals.  Our Professional Development Conference is geared for this part of our mission.  It focuses on an annual theme and attempts to bring more experienced professionals together with students and those new to the media industry.  We have several new incentives that are being discussed within the membership.  One incentive is to develop a more vital “mentoring” aspect of our membership with area college students.  Another incentive seeks to develop a list of low cost professional services that might help graduating students and people new to the media industries; services such as photography (for head shots for those resume’s) and help with personalized website (for those all important portfolios).

The Shreveport Journalism Foundation welcomes ideas for similar incentives.  The Foundation also seeks assistance in making these incentives a reality.  Your input is important and we can use your help getting things started.  Contact our president, Mary Jarzabek, if you want to join us in these plans: